About Yinghua Tai Chi Chuan School

Master Jin Ye & The Origins of Yinghua

Yinghua Tai Chi Chuan school was founded by Master Jin Ye in honour of her grandmother Wu Yinghua, which is the origin of the name of our school. Wu Yinghua taught the theory and practise of the art to her granddaughter Jin Ye who has now taught Tai Chi Quan for well over 35 years, originally in her home city of Shanghai and to date has taught countless students across the world.

Master Jin Ye is a teacher unique to the UK as she is the only practitioner to have direct lineage within the Wu family, who are credited with the creation of the Wu-style of Tai Chi taught across the world today. Jin Ye started practising Tai Chi at the age of ten and began studying Tai Chi theory under the tutelage of her grandmother Wu Yinghua. Jin Ye began to teach students from the age of 22 and has brought her knowledge and experience to the UK, having founded the school in 1991.

The complete Wu family Tai Chi syllabus has been taught by Jin Ye including the weaponry forms such as the sabre and spear, as well as unarmed forms such as Qi Gong, pushing hands and slow forms. These were taught to her by her late grandparents Master Wu Yinghua & Master Ma Yueliang and has continued to teach these to her students retaining the authenticity and tradition in which the style was founded.

About Sharon Wall

Sharon Wall has been a Tai Chi practitioner since 1993 and so has over 20 years of experience and now studies under the close guidance and instruction of Master Ye Jin, the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Wu Quan Yu the creator and founder of the Wu style of Tai Chi.

Sharon is taught all of the finer elements and details of the various Tai Chi forms. There are several routines or “Forms” which can be learned, some of which include Sword, Spear and other weapons.

  • Short Form
  • Long Form
  • Fan Form
  • Broad Sword Form

In addition to the Tai Chi Forms, each class begins with a set of gentle exercises known as Qi Gong.